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Benefits of studying abroad after high school would be the academic excellence, teaching standards, facilities, cultural experiences, personal development, networking, and career options. The ideal time to start working towards your university admissions will be from your grade 9th. As a student, it is important to explore the multitude of academic and career opportunities that you can pursue.

The earlier you start, the better you are prepared. Choosing the right academic path from a stream of Engineering, Medicine, or Liberal Arts and Sciences, is a fundamental element to your success in the future. In the last decade, the employment sector has seen a surge in the requirement for engineers, health care professionals, programmers, and analysts.

The top-tier universities in the world like Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and the University of Toronto have different entry requirements, application timeline, and admission process. The education system varies from country to country making it crucial to understand the system that would suit your academic goals.


  •  High School grades from the past 4 years including final year predicted     grades or mock test results

  •   Standardized test scores

  •   English Proficiency Test score

  •   Academic Reference Letters

  •   University Essays or Personal Statement

  •   Resume and Extra Curricular Profile

  •   Portfolio

  •   Passport Copy, Bank Letter and Financial Affidavit


The deadlines to universities generally start 10 months prior to the start of your university start date in August of September in European, North American, and Asian countries. It is crucial to start your application process early to ensure you meet the entry requirements, and apply by the deadline date.

In the US, UK, and Canada, deadline start as early as 15th October of the year before you graduate. Australian and New Zealand university deadlines are generally towards October or November in the year you graduate from high school for classes starting in February of the preceding year.


Every country has its own system of application process. Most top universities are a part of centralized application systems. In the US, majority of the university applications can be submitted through the Common Application portal, followed by the University of California application or Apply Texas portal depending on the universities of your choice.

In the UK, applications are made through UCAS, and in Canada, most application to universities in Ontario can be submitted through OUAC. However, a large number of universities accept applications directly. Check with your university on how to submit your application.


  • No. of International Applicants – 4.5 Million

  • Average International Student Acceptance Rate – 60%

  • Brighter Admissions Student Acceptance Rate – 95%

  • Acceptance to Top-Tier Universities/ Global or National Acceptance by Ranking – 20% 

  • Scholarships Received by Brighter Admissions Student – 30%



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